My name is Brinna Gard, and I'm a photographer in the Atlanta area specializing in pets and children.

My inspiration to get started in photography came from my love of animals. I have always had a special place in my heart for pets. When our family cat passed away when I was about 8, I did everything I could to campaign for a new one. I even came up with presentations on the benefits and why having a pet was important, but to no avail. My mom always told me that when I grew up, I could have as many pets as I wanted. It's only fitting that now I spend my time with animals and photograph them as a career, right?

My husband and I have three cats of our own, Milo, Ty, and Leroy. The two of us spend one day every weekend at the local humane society volunteering our time to photograph adoptable animals for their website. If my husband didn't keep a close eye on me, I would probably bring a new cat or dog home each week!

After my nieces were born and my friends started to have children, I started photographing kids as well. Now that I have my own little one, I take more pictures than you could imagine!  I love how a picture can so perfectly capture a child's personality. An image can help preserve them just as they were at that point in their lives, which is important given how fast they change and grow.

Looking for pictures that capture your pet's personality without the glowing eyes or blur? Want photos of your kids that aren't grainy from your cell phone? You've come to the right place! Want pictures of your adorable children with your beloved pet(s)? I can do that, too.

Providing you with pictures that you can treasure for a lifetime is my passion and motivation. Children and pets help to make our families complete, so why not have memories of them that you can always cherish? You can check out examples of my work in the "My Photographs" tab. Get in touch with me using the form on the "Contact" tab of this website or by going to my Facebook page to set up your photo session today!